(Frequently Asked Questions)

Are Maria Lambis Apartments open year round?
Maria Lambis Apartments are open from the beginning of April until the end of October.

Are the Maria Lambis Apartments situated in a quiet or a loud environment?
The Maria Lambis Apartments are situated in a quiet environment a little off the road and have no problems with noise at night.

What languages does the hotel staff speak?
Our friendly and capable hotel staff is Greek and English speaking.

Does Maria Lambis offer the possibility of a late chech-out?
Yes, a late check-out can be arranged at a small charge on request and upon availability.

Which currencies do you accept?
We accept all currencies and all major credit cards. We gladly accept your foreign currency exchange at official bank rates.

Do Maria Lambis Apartments provide private parking space?
Yes, our premises offer a free private parking space.

Is there a garden?
We do have a lovely garden with shady trees and many plants and flowers; we also have lawns for the kids to play on.

Are pets allowed in the Maria Lambis Apartments?
No, we're sorry, but pets are not welcome in our apartments. Personally we have nothing against them, but not all guests at Maria Lambis are charmed by pets.

Are the apartments accessible for guests with a kinetic disability?
Maria Lambis Apartments are partly accessible for guests in a wheelchair. Unfortunately, however, our property does not meet all requirements to be entirely 'wheelchair accessible'. Should you need more detailed information, please send us a message at This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it

In case of emergency, can I consult an English speaking doctor?
Yes, there are excellent English / German speaking doctors in Stalis. Stalis has a private medical centre on a 24/7 base, as well as a qualified dentist and several pharmacies.

How big is Stalis and its population?
Stalis belongs to the municipality of Malia, which consists of the coastal villages Malia and Stalis plus their mountain counterparts Krassi and Mohos.  The municipality has a population of around 6,000 and covers a surface area of about 6,700ha.

Is there a bus stop / taxi stand nearby?
Yes, a bus stop is nearby (30m. from our hotel) and a taxi can be called at anytime.

Is tap water safe to drink?
Yes, tap water is safe to drink, but bottled water is generally preferred.

What power supply do you have?
Power supply in Greece / Crete is 220V. Sockets accept two-round pin plugs. Adaptors are readily available at any supermarket, or just ask our staff to help you out. Power cuts happen occasionally, especially in summertime, due to strained generating capacity.

What time zone does Crete have?
Crete, like the rest of Greece, is 2 hours ahead of Greenwich Time (GMT +2) and adjusts to summertime at 4am on the last Sunday in March. It is set back to winter time at 4am on the last Sunday in October.

What are the shop opening hours in Stalis?
Shop opening hours vary, but are usually from 9am – 2pm and 5 – 11pm daily in summertime. Banks and post offices are open Mon – Fri from 08.00 – 14.00 hours.

How frequent are the local bus services?
Bus services are operated by the KTEL cooperative and buses are fast, frequent and comfortable. They leave in both directions in front of our property about every 20 minutes, to Heraklion in the west and to Agios Nikolaos in the east.

Do you have places of interest in the area?
There are plenty of highlights and places of interest to visit in the area. Have a look at our section Destination Info in the box on the left.

What climate do you have?
Crete has a Mediterranean climate with warm, dry summers and mild, wet winters.

How far is it to Heraklion?
Heraklion, Crete’s capital, is 32km west of Stalis (45min. by bus, 30min. by car). Heraklion International Airport is about 29km west of Stalis.

Can I have access to the Internet?
Yes, the property provides (central) Internet access and has a free Wi-Fi zone.

Can I rent a car?
Car rentals are readily available, or just ask our hotel staff to assist you.

How far is the hotel to the village centre and to the beach?
The Maria Lambis Apartments are within easy reach on foot (about 5min.) to Stalis centre and the lovely beach. Stalis' shops and inviting taverns are just a few minutes away. (See also Location).