Sarantaris Coves

The Coves of Hersonissos (Limanakia), which begin at Cape Sarandaris and continue to the east till the harbour of Hersonissos, are situated 27 kilometres (km) east of Heraklion. Because Cape Sarandaris shields them from the regular northwest winds, the beaches there are particularly lovely and the sea is quiet. All coves are easily accessible, and the neighbourhood is well-developed. There are also several pubs and cafés around if you wish to spend the night along the coves.

In addition, there is a beach situated next to the charming church of St. George Sarandaris on the western side of the rocky Cape Sarandaris. The stunning beach of Sarandaris Cape, maybe the loveliest and most wind-protected beach in the Hersonissos region, is located at the foot of Cape Sarandaris. The beach is sandy and the sea is an intense blue colour. At the northern end of the beach, a little sea cave has developed in the pale limestone.

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