Zeus Cave – Ideon Andron

Titaness Rhea hid her son Zeus in the Dictaean Cave to keep him away from his cruel father Cronus, who had a bad habit of devouring his kids. In addition, this is where the infatuated Zeus escorted the Princess Europa in preparation for their nuptials. At a height of 1025 meters, the cave is situated on the rugged northern slopes of Mount Dikti, close to the community of Psychro. It is one of the most often visited archaeological monuments in Crete, and the locals refer to it as Psychro after the name of the settlement.
Take the winding route up to the Lassithi plateau and the town of Psychro beginning at Stalida, Hersonissos, or Malia. Your breath will be taken away by the panoramic vista and the wild fragrant plants that scent the mountain air. You may access the cave entrance by following the rocky route that is bordered by oak trees.

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