In the northwest of Crete, between the small, deserted island of Tigani and the rather large peninsula Gramvousa, sits the island of Balos. It is located just over an hour’s trip separated from Chania and it is one of the most popular picture locations on the island of Crete, which features panoramic views and hypnotic blue seas. Most people go from Kissamos to Balos by boat. There is a possibility of seeing dolphins on the lovely journey. In order to go to the beach, you may visit the historic stronghold on the island of Imeri Gramvousa where the boat makes a stop.

The sandy spot can be located in the area between Gramvousa and Tigani. The fine sand, which occasionally shimmers pink from the inclusion of broken coral and seashells, covers the huge area. A vast region with shallow water in between the sandbanks is best referred to as a lagoon. The water is a stunning shade of blue. Rentable sun loungers and umbrellas are available, and the lagoon has restrooms and showers. Despite the lack of lifeguards, swimming in the lagoon is generally safe. There are no undercurrents or waves.

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