Koules Fortress

Koules, which translates to “fortress” in Turkish, is the name of the Venetian Castle in Heraklion. The harbor of Heraklion, Crete, is surrounded by an amazing fortification. A large, two-story defense known as Koules Castle, once served as a port entrance guard. When the Venetians took control of the town in the early 13th century, they built the Castle.
The storage of food and military supplies was the main purpose of the fortress’ construction. Additionally, it served as a jail and the commanders’ quarters. The Castle was entirely ruined by a severe earthquake in 1303, and the Genoese reconstructed it. The stronghold had its final restoration between 1523 and 1540. The Castle was again turned into a jail during the Ottoman era.
The Castle’s architecture is in the traditional Venetian style. It was built up with stones and in such a way that its walls could shield the harbor’s breakwater. The castle’s officer in charge of maintaining its security, Kastelanos, as well as the homes of the captains and other officers, were housed within the strong walls, which were split into 26 apartments.

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